The CX Horticulture Nutrient Calculator is designed to provide you with a guide for mixing CX Horticulture UK nutrients and additives. You must always use suitable liquid measuring devices such as pipettes and measuring jugs, as well as accurate pH and EC measuring equipment. Never rely on nutrient calculators or Feed Charts alone, as water conditions can vary and affect the outcome of your nutrient solution.

Our nutrient calculator works better when calculating larger volumes of water, and we recommend anyone who’s mixing 20 litres of solution or less should use the mixing guidelines on our Basic Product Application Chart (see Downloads Page).

Step 1: Select your growing method

Please select whether you are growing using a recirculating hydroponics system or a run-to-waste (drain to waste) hydroponics system

Step 2: Choose formula aggression:

We have two methods of feeding; Standard Feeding - make your nutrients go further, Aggressive - for optimum results

Step 3: Enter the EC / CF of your tap water

You will need to check the conductivity of your water before you add any nutrient. Enter the number, then select EC or CF

Step 4: Enter your tank size

Enter the size of your tank in litres or gallons

Step 5: What is your target Veg & Bloom EC?


Enter what you would like your target EC to be during the Growth and Bloom stages of your plants life cycle