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Superior Potash becomes Mighty Bloom Enhancer / NEW two part nutrients


Superior Potash has evolved. It is still the same PK product, but we have incorporated some changes. The new, more refined version is called Mighty Bloom Enhancer.

The first thing you will notice is that we have increased the strength to make it more powerful, especially in the sixth week of flower. We’ve also added an improved version of our already outstanding carrier which allows the plant easier access to the weight producing phosphorous and potassium. Ease of use of our products is always high on the agenda, so the new Mighty Bloom Enhancer has less effect on the pH than old Superior Potash, giving growers greater ease of management of their nutrient solutions.

Overall, Mighty Bloom is a more powerful, more effective and easier to use version of Superior Potash.


In keeping with our philosophy of giving growers a choice and, at the same time, keeping it simple, we have added a two part nutrient to our range in the UK. The “new” two part base nutrient is not new. We have been making this for nearly sixteen years for commercial growers in other parts of the world. Because of the increasing sophistication of the growers in our industry, and their demand for a nutrient that better fits their management style, we have now released this nutrient in the smaller sizes suited to less intensive use. This nutrient is simple and easy to use yet still highly adaptable and can be used in any system. It is designed to be used with CX Horticulture additives to achieve the highest level of success in an indoor growing environment.