Coco Base A&B

Coco Base A&B


Coco BASE nutrient is formulated for all types of coco based growing systems and used with CX Horticulture nutrient additives during the vegetative and flowering period.

A - N:2 | P:0 | K:1
B - N:2 | P:4 | K:4

Available Sizes

1L / 5L / 10L


Hot Mix Technology balances nutrients with plant uptake

Nutrient ratios derived from plant tissue analysis

Prevents Nitrogen drawdown in coco

Full availability of trace elements


As the colloidal exchange capacity of a typical soil situation cannot be replicated by a typical hydroponic solution, your plants must have the very best hydroponic nutrient available. Coco BASE is expertly crafted using actual plant tissue analysis and the latest advancements in fertiliser technology. The energy captured during our exclusive Hot Mix Technology will be released directly into your growing system delivering some very powerful results.


Mix part A and B at equal rates of 1-5ml/L depending on target EC. CX Horticulture recommends at least 1.2 EC (2ml/L) of base nutrient for standard growth. Both parts (A+B) at 1ml/L = 0.6 EC. Do not mix A&B concentrates together.